Sunday, December 06, 2009

Fun Video - Update and Weight Loss

Ok This is just a little piece of fun!

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I haven't given up art - although it may seem like it. I have found two "somethings" and I am absolutely hog-wild-crazy about both. One involves my building a new business. My husband and I have pioneering spirits and have been entrepreneurs to one degree or another for the past 32 years. Mostly he has been at the helm and I have been the support system. This time it is role reversal! - I am at the helm of this business and he is supporting me! Fun - fun - fun!! This is really the most enthusiastic about a new endeavor I have been in ages! The product is so superior and good for you that I think every one on the planet should be consuming it.  This is just energizing me and I feel more excited and alive than I have in years, and I actually expect the new life and energy to show up in my art. I am committed to finishing the Joyful Project and having a show with the entire body of work, so  I am eager- and planning -  to start painting again very soon! Probably after Christmas though.Ugh - Christmas! This year it just feels like a monkey on my back and a big distraction. I am working hard to tame the "Christmas Monkey" and take time to enjoy the season - but this year I just have things that I want to do more.

Also, and this is the second thing I am crazy about - in the last nine weeks I have lost 32.6 pounds, an average of 3.6 lbs a week, a half pound per day. I just passed my halfway point and I still have a ways to go to meet my goal, but this is truly is a blessing from God - a miracle - at least for me it is. I was considering a lap band and beginning research on it when I was introduced to this and decided to give it one last try.  I have spent thousands - probably even in the tens of thousands - on Doctors and Rx and various programs trying to lose weight - to no avail. This is NOT a business - but I know how hard it is to struggle with your weight and have NOTHING work - this does. And it does at and extremely reasonable cost...and it is pretty darn easy! Weight is such an emotional and private issue - it has taken me this long to decide to write about it in my blog - but if doing so can help someone else then it is well worth it.  I will be more than happy to share what I am doing with anyone who would like to know just email me privately at nsdavisart at aol dot com - be sure to put "weight loss" or something in the subject line so it doesn't get confused with spam.

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