Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cool Video!

Wow - this is so cool on so many levels!

(if the video doesn't show up got to my blog and view it - it's worth it)

Not only is playing music on an iphone amazing - this is just the song I need to hear right now too! Beautiful.

As many of you know I am in Toledo, OH. I came to drive my Mother and nephew to Oak Island, NC for my niece's wedding. I flew out here - took everyone shopping for new clothes, got their bags packed - the car checked out, maps and potential sites to see on the way there and back. We went to Costco to get car snacks and a book for my nephew to read on the way - and while we were there my 87 year old Mom fell in the rest room and broke her leg, near her ankle.

We did not make it to the wedding.

I was supposed to be home last Saturday - but I have stayed and will continue to stay - until she is able to care for herself, or my daughter comes out to take over. Lots' of Doc's and X-ray's and ER and hospital stuff - she is now in the rehab section of a nursing home. I go over and take her out almost everyday - or just sit and visit with her. She is ornery, stubborn, hard-headed and determined...and for once this is a good thing. It is working in her favor - as she is determined to get strong enough and independent enough to get back home and care for herself! In fact - this morning she did twice the number of exercises the physical therapist told her to do! Go Granny!

One just never knows what's gonna happen next. I want to come home really bad. I want to paint. I want to cuddle with my dogs and rest my exhausted head in my husband's lap. I want to sleep!!! (Sigh)

On the other hand - how blessed I am to be able to be here for her. Very blessed indeed!

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Finished Painting

I went back and tweaked this untitled painting from a few days ago. Brightened the whites, darkened some areas, toned down some of the purple, other little touches here and there. I like it much better now - in fact I might love it. Boy, does it ever feel good to say that!!
There is a title for it banging around in my head trying to get out - but I have so much going on in there I am a little afraid I  might not grasp it before it is I am open to suggestions.
I am heading back to Toledo for a few weeks so I won't be doing any painting - again. Already I am eager to get back to painting and I haven't even left yet. I have several in the works. I plan to take my camera and sketch book and watercolors and hope I get the time and opportunity to do some artwork while I am gone.

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