Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ed Valentine

I had the good fortune to finally meet Ed Valentine. Ed is a prof of art at Ohio State University, and is married to my brother-in-law's sister. I have admired my brother-in-law's collection of Ed's work for a very long time and have often wondered what Ed was like. I find his work intriguing and baffling as well as very compelling. It was wonderful to get to visit with him for a very short time - but in that short time I feel I at least got a little glimpse into what his work is about, and now I like it even more! Ed recently had the art museum in Prague purchase some of his work for their permanent collection. Here are a few photos from his web site and also my brother-in-law's collection. WWW.EDVALENTINEART.COM
Be sure to go check out his web site. Also on the links page is "Salute to the Rough Guys" - go check that out too.

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