Thursday, April 28, 2011

Maybe Unfinished -


Here is the latest painting. It is a iPhone photo and a really bad one at that. Again in the 18” x 24” range. It is currently untitled and I am not sure it is finished. I had words in the background which got lost and I may put them back in. Not sure. This one may have to simmer for a bit.

Today is going to be sort of a day off for me – I am exhausted, for no good reason, I can feel that virus trying to come back, I have some follow-up doctor appointments from my E.R. trip the other morning, still need to find a plumber for the kitchen, Rick and I had a little tiff and he really hurt my feelings (that NEVER happens) – and I can feel stress in general trying to bash my door in. Years ago I had a doctor suggest that I may have fibro-myalgia. I completely rejected that idea, I didn’t even believe that was a real thing. Now I am beginning to wonder…nah. Well…?

I just completed reading a blog written by a friend HERE where she wrote about her entire life – one year at a time, starting at zero. It was fascinating to me. She seems to have had such a wonderful, wholesome, balanced, healthy NORMAL life. She has fun, good, warm and loving memories from almost every year of her life. Even her trials seem so – manageable and well, normal. Can this be real? Do people really have lives like this?

I have toyed with writing my memories – or an autobiography many times, but I wouldn’t do it until everybody I knew was dead, so I will probably be dead then too. That won’t work. Maybe writing under a pen name… Maybe writing as she did would be a good exercise. It would be a good exercise to try to find at least one fun or warm or “normal” memory for each year – there are many I am sure, but that would be a really big challenge for a lot of years.  Hmmmm….

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