Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Well golly - another week gone by...

Here it is Wednesday again. My daily commitment isn't going so well yet - but it will. I'm already doing better than the past where I went how many months with out blogging? and here it is once a week. Oh what an improvement - and heading toward once a day too.

I have been busy and not just slacking! I went up to visit Rica - on the train. That was great, but I was disappointed in the Expo. It was very small and sold out of a ton of stuff - and I got there early afternoon on the first day. I did notice as we were about to leave that many of the vendors were getting fresh stock for their booths. All of the vendors were commenting about how jammed and busy they were in the morning and most of them looked beat and exhausted. They said they were stunned at the number of people when they opened. I am glad I wasn't there bright and early. The prices were good, mostly 40-60% off, but really I usually do that well on the Internet. It was fun, I am glad I went. I won't do it again unless there is a workshop that I want to attend also - not worth it just for the shopping. But I WILL take the train again - that was great.

Here is what else I have accomplished in spite of 4 days of migraine headache: Watched Casey Baugh "Quick Studies" DVD two and a half times. Rick and I finished putting the laminate floor down in my studio, Rica's old bedroom with a north facing window. Made and installed ledges for paintings to sit on to dry. Finished "Bird on a Stick." Set up and painted "Wine and Egg." Got them both photographed - although not well - for the web. Have been moving my downstairs and scattered-thru-the-house art supplies and projects around. The studio upstairs will be for oils. The library will revert to a library/reading room, the family room and kitchen will revert to their original purposes and the garage will remain studio space for Acrylics, really large and experimental artwork. I still have Nathalie's old bedroom too - I have some ideas for that space too = maybe eventually get out of the garage/studio, it is so much nice and more comfortable upstairs. So enough for now - I want to go paint!

Wine and Egg 1: This is my first attempt at glass and glass reflections. I am fairly happy with it - I really enjoyed the challenge and I am going to paint it again while I still have it set up.

Bird on a Stick: I am happier with this now. The shadows are much better now I think -

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