Sunday, March 09, 2008

I am back from Egypt

PANORAMIC VIEW OF CAIRO from our hotel window when we first arrived. It is a HUGE BUSY city. It was built for 5 million people. At night 17 million are there, during the day 22 million are there, as 5 million come into the city to work each day. It is growing by about 1 million per year.

Physically I arrived home Wednesday March 27Th, mostly. Mentally and emotionally I may have finished arriving today. Since I got back, today is the first time I have felt anywhere near normal. Egypt was awesome. I will be writing about it and posting photos soon. I have so much going through my head, I have done a lot of thinking - well, that's really nothing new - I always do a lot of that anyway. But I am determined that this year - the Year of Self-Discipline and Will Power - that I will make some progress, decisions and commitments. I have known this all along - but I absolutely need to set some boundaries and rules for myself, some limitations. No , seriously, I mean it, really. I absolutely detest the thought of this and every molecule within is screaming in protestation and organizing a rebellion. I know without a doubt this will be painful and difficult but I am determined to give it a serious try. I just want to do everything and try everything. Nearly every darn thing under the sun is interesting to me and I want to know and do it all. OK - I have been distracted by household stuff and Rick - to be continued....

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