Thursday, February 25, 2010

Encouragement on a dreary day

April Game of San Diego Fine Art Society posted this on Facebook and when I saw it this morning I knew I  just had to share it with you too!

It is a very gray and dreary morning here in San Diego, although the sun is just now starting to poke out. I don't do well with gray and dreary mornings, mentally or physically. It is much better for me to wake up to sunshine and then have the day become gray and ugly than to wake up without sunshine. I really think I am solar operated, and on gray days my solar powered batteries deplete almost immediately! Or maybe I don't even have batteries at all and am just straight solar powered - no sun - no energy.

Anyway - I don't keep up with my Facebook as regularly as I should - but I am glad I saw this.

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By the way - I have been working  in my studio. Not painting - but rearranging the whole thing - trying to make it function better, and a more pleasant place to be. I may post some photos later.

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