Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Studio tour video and thinking out loud

In my last post I told you I was reorganizing my studio. Well I did - sort of. I am not finished, but I've made a good start. So I thought I would make a little video tour of my studio, which I did. That lead to another whole set of problems. It would not upload to YouTube because my camera shoots in .MOV - or at least that is what I think the reason is. I have a nice Canan Powershot SD780 which is supposed to shoot HD videos, as well as my iphone which shoots videos too, but I never seem to remember that. So I began looking at Flip cameras, which led me to consider the Kodak Zi8. That led me to start looking at bigger, more elaborate camcorders. What should I get? Panasonic at Costco becasue it seems to be a good deal? Canon? Sony? Research - research - research! Frames per second, size, weight, touch screen or not, 1080P or 780P, sound and microphones, flash or hard drive and what kind and how much, battery type and life and on and on. Hours and hours and hours. Maximum confusion!  I still don't have an answer, or a camcorder.

I then decided this whole thing was spinning out of control - as is my pattern. A few years back I wanted a Vespa scooter to run to and from work, and do errands. Just a cute, nice, economical little scooter. That spun out of control. I ended up with a Virago 750 - so NOT a scooter! I promptly went out and got in a wreck. Yep - that's what I do. If I want a sheet of paper I am likely to end up with a 50 foot roll of it. I am not sure why I do this - but I am working on it.

So back to the saga. I tried a few free online file converters to no avail, just a lot of time spent (I refuse to think of it as wasted time). Way to complicated, huge learning curve. I went and bought Corel Video Express software to edit and convert from .MOV to .MP4 and it turns out my laptop was too full to install it. Figured that out after about two hours or more of trying, more learning. So I tried to install it on my desk top. It installed great and I thought finally I am on my way. Nope. The video card is too old and not compatible, I need new one. Back to my laptop. I took programs and files off my laptop and burned them to CD's and DVD's - time consuming - and FINALLY got the Corel software installed and the studio tour video converted and  uploaded to You Tube.

So here it is - so not worth the effort! But I am putting it here anyway after all of this effort - darn it! I learned a few things in the process:

1. Don't rotate my camera to shoot video. You then have to turn your monitor sideways to watch it - or rotate the video clip in editing...and then it doesn't fit on the screen very nicely. Better to just shoot it right.

2. Video editing seems way more complicated than photo editing.

3. I tend to over do and complicated things - well, I already knew that so I didn't actually learn it - just very much reminded of this tendency, again.

4. I am freaking TIRED of learning curves! I never EVER in my life thought I would get to a point in my life where I would say - I do NOT want to learn anything else - for a while. I need a week or a amonth or something of just vegging out. I live for learning, I eat, drink, dream and breathe learning - but I am just tired and weary of it for a while.

5. The first quarter of 2010 is almost over and I am still at the starting line spinning my wheels.

6. I want a Mac...

As usual - for those of you who get my blog by email - it seems like these videos don't show up, so here is where you can see it:

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