Monday, October 25, 2010

Still no painting- something better I have to share with you!

I have been rather busy!

On Thursday evening Nathalie had these photos taken by her good friend Conner, and on Friday she went to the hospital. Conner and his wife, and Nathalie and her husband were out fooling around and doing this for fun - little did they know it was absolutely the last chance to get any photos while she was still pregnant. Conner did a phenomenal job on this - it moves me to tears each time I watch - and not much in this life moves me to tears! Thank you Conner for doing this. You should really consider a career change!

First enjoy this:

and then we got this -

Minutes after taking his first breath of air. About 2 weeks early but still considered term - and just perfect!

Caden Eric - 7#12oz - 19 inches

This is the best excuse not to paint that I have EVER had! What a wonderful beautiful perfect little baby boy. I am officially a Grandmother.
Oh my gosh - I am WAY too young to be one! LOL -  Just a little more time to enjoy the boy and help my daughter a bit and then back to the studio.

If the video and photos don't show up in your email - please go to my site to view them - click HERE  or just go to http// or on YouTube here

I am sad that the video resolution is not very good on this blog - it is incredible on the DVD - I don't know how to fix it,  but I just wanted to share this with you anyway. 
Happy Happy Joy Joy

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