Monday, December 12, 2016

Catching Up - Second Try

Catching Up - Second Try

Not sure what went wrong but I see that the videos didn't show up. So here is try number two. Hoping this works...

Why is it that the thing we call life keeps getting in the way of my plans and preventing me from doing what I want to do, which is create? Is it life, really? or is it just complicated busy-ness. Nonsense that social and cultural paradigms and customs require? I don't have an answer, but I suspect its a little bit of everything.

My intent was to get back to blogging (and painting)  on a regular basis, which obviously hasn't happened. At least not the way I want. I have some catching up to do.

I think I left off in Australia, which is my new favorite country. Such awesome, friendly people! It was a wonderful visit. We started in Sydney. I have the obligatory city-scape, bridge and opera house photos - but really who cares about that stuff?

We went to Bondi beach. No real beach when we were there - and no seaweed or shells or surfers. It was absolutely freezing cold and super windy. There was a sculpture walk all along the trail but it was just too darn cold to enjoy much of it. But I did enjoy this, and I think there is a glimpse of one of the sculptures in there somewhere. The sculpture I did see were not to my personal taste and I wasn't very impressed. But I  love the idea of the sculpture walk - and so did a lot of other people - in spite of the freezing windy and sometimes rainy weather - the trail was busy - almost crowded.

And this my friends is why I should never be in charge of family vacation photos! LOL - Oh, but the colors and textures...!!!

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