Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hotel Art

We are staying in a very nice hotel, in a very nice suite. I walked in the room and as always the first thing I check out is the art on the walls. This is the only piece of art in our room. It's real, not a print or anything so that's very cool . 
My thoughts........"Huh.....well......OK."
No title, no name or signature.
Then....little by little it started drawing me in and I began looking closer...
The edges and pencil lines got my attention 

More cool edges, and color

It has some texture...and there is a sort of creepy smiley face thing in the texture

There are lots of super subtle coolness to this oddity which I'm loving more and more daily - I've even decided I know what it's about, it's story but I'll let you make up your own mind if you are so inclined .
This painting in about 30" x 48"
I like it.

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