Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Even MORE portrait progress...

Always more to fix and do on this little thing. This photo looks a little bit compressed, like squeezed in from the sides. Hmmmm...maybe the angle I took the photo from - oh well, it isn't the final photo anyway and it is close. Nathalie saw it last night and loved it. I think I made it better...I went in to just finish up the helmet and straps an ended up working on the face again. It just amazes me how viewing a photo of my painting really let's me view it afresh, and see what is or is not working. I have always used a mirror and viewed it backwards, but while taking a photo and up loading it is more labor intensive I think it is better. OK - back to work. I still have to finish the ornaments, and of course - the straps on the helmet.

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