Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Portrait progress...

Well, here is the painting and the photo again. I think that is about as good as I am going to get as far as likeness goes. It still is not where I'd like it to be - I still see problems, but I am getting tired of it. I think I'd rather start ove and do a new one instead of trying to fix much more on this one. I have been working my fanny off on the "nearly annual" Christmas ornaments. I say that becasue I didn't get them done last year...and now I remeber why. These things are unbelieveably labor intensive. The original plan simply did not work at all so I had to reinvent them usint the components I had. Originally I had planned to do two ornaments for everyone this year to make up for last year - but these are taking SO much time that I don't see that happening now. There are 50 of these in various stages of finish.

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