Thursday, April 10, 2008

Progress Report: Linda Portrait

I haven't worked on this portrait - mostly because it scares me to death. I have quite a ways to go - but at least I have gotten it back out and on the easel. I had the nicest day hanging out with Vanessa and painting at her studio with her. The time just flew by! I found myself mixing paint and shuffling it around on my palette from one spot to another, and then when I did start to paint - I painted like I was painting with nitroglycerin or something. I barely touched the paint - barely touched the surface - barely painted! I was paintin' scairt -- and yet I am not entirely unhappy with what I have done, really. I chose this photo to work from because I think Linda is an awesome person, and I thought it really captured a part of her....and I loved her hands extending toward the viewer, and yet closed. Oh - those hands! One of the things I loved about the photo and one of the challenges I wanted to try - but now I am tip toeing around them like they might blow up in my face. What a coward I've become! OK - I have to go dig out my copy of Art and Fear now - and maybe even paint a little tiny something or other. (See Jan 30 post for photo and the start of this portrait)

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