Saturday, June 27, 2009

Elephant Painting

Tonight we met Mark Fangue, the man who actually took this video. The people (Kim and Bruce) we have purchased some of our furniture from in the past recently bought the store they worked at (in San Marcos on furniture row) and it is now called Sacred Space Imports. They will be carrying items from Exotic World Imports and tonight was their opening reception. It is a very cool store to visit if you get a chance. But this video I was not ready for. I knew there was going to be something about elephant painting - I expected a bunch of abstract, smeary colors. I did NOT expect this! Astonishing - amazing - incredible.

If you can't see this in your email - go to my blog by clicking here - or by clicking on the title of this message - it is so worth watching.

You can see more elephant paintings on their web site Exotic World Gifts. The elephant that does this painting is very special. Her name is Hong and she is about 8 years old. It took about 6 months to teach her to paint by rewarding her with sugar cane and bananas. I think he said there are about 8 elephants at this camp that paint. The rest of them just try to eat the paint brushes and have no interest at all. Before she painted Hong would draw in the dirt with a stick and that is what gave them the idea to see if she would paint. Watch how she retraces some of her lines with incredible exactness. She is so sure of her marks. Amazing. There is an attendant that dips the paint brush in the paint and hands it to her. Also the paint brushes have been adapted with a "t" handle so she can grip it and control it better. Hong is the only elephant to paint pictures of other elephants. He also said that the elephants will only paint when they are very calm.

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