Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Little time in the Studio

Well, I disappointed myself today. I have been working hard at my friends house and have been absolutely bone tired. Progress is being made. Her walls are painted, the floor is in and my handyman has started on the built-ins. There is still quite a bit of trim work and details to take care of, and a lot of organization, but it is shaping up beautifully and I sure appreciate the extra income.It makes me happy to see her so happy with everything too. Today I had the day off and I had planned to spend time in the studio painting. So I wasted some time playing computer games, then went to the studio and there sat a big box in the middle of the room. Oh yeah - I have been so busy and distracted I forgot I even ordered the drying rack that I had been wanting for so long. I spent time assembling the drying rack instead of painting. Technically I worked in the studio, right? But I am bummed I didn't paint. Putting together the rack wasn't difficult - but I have to say that the instructions were among the worst I've ever seen. Very confusing, incomplete and time consuming. I also learned an extremely important lesson - I must remember to put paintings in from the bottom up, as I found out by fooling around with dry paintings that they slide off those racks faster then I can blink if I don't watch it! I have been out of the studio for too long - I felt fear and intimidation hovering around me. That old fear of the blank canvas - Oh no! I will no be having that!

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