Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Delightful Day

I finally got to work in my new studio!studio-view-1

Here is a view from the hall way getting ready to walk in.studio-view-2 And this is from the other end looking out. It’s about 9’ x 17’ – sort of long and narrow, but I have a window and good light – and you’d think that I have a closet. I do, sort of. It is only about 10” deep and houses circuit breakers and stuff. I am on the hunt for a narrow set of shelves to put in there, and I can stack some of my canvasses in there. Today I worked on a black and white value study for my painting class (still in progress – I will maybe finish it tomorrow) – then did a an invented color head – just for fun. After about 4 hours I had to go move my car – I walked out of my studio into the most beautiful day – and the Farmers Market! How delightful and wonderful it was to stroll thru the market, get a tasty beef kabob for lunch and a bag of grapefruit for breakfast. What a delightfully wonderful day!value-study-in-progress

untitled-portrait-oilThese are iPhone pics again – but it give you the idea. They are in the 18” x 24” size range. I can’t wait to get back to the studio tomorrow!

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