Thursday, January 27, 2011

Work in Progress


I just love my studio. I love going there and being there and painting there. It is wonderful! I still have a lot of moving in to do. I have a brand new easel in the garage that needs to be assembled. Rick bought it for me from ASW – that is a story that is still developing. It doesn’t have any assembly instructions and it came kind of beat up and shop worn looking. So far they haven’t returned any of his phone calls to their customer service number and haven’t responded to his emails either. I am eager to use the easel – the little light weight aluminum one I am using is OK, but it hops around a bit. Anyway - I toned a bunch of canvasses – so I am ready to go!

I started this today – it’s about 16 x 20 I think. A work in progress about listening to lies, part of the Spiritual Warfare series -


Here’s a bit of a detail  - well as much detail as an iPhone will give me. It still has quite a ways to go and who knows how it will evolve.


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