Thursday, January 13, 2011

Check this guy out -

I am putting some video on my blog and I know that for many of you video does not come through on email subscriptions, so be sure to go to my blog - click here - or cut and paste

The first time I bumped into this guys video I thought "Oh sure - this is B.S." - then I decided it was a gimmick - then I listened and looked more closely. I am not saying I agree with his philosophy or theology - but I believe he is sincere and the paintings are actually very cool. Check out Dr Jon Tsoi - Chinese (and a little bit hard to understand at times) acupuncturist and herbalist ... and of course artist!

This is the first video I came across, and then discovered that he has a TON of videos on You Tube. You can also visit his website here: - be sure to scroll down to see the paintings - if you double click on one of the images a slide show option will come up making it easier to view them. (It seems to have larger images if you do it that way rather than using the slide show view button)

This concept has grabbed me and isn't letting go. I love the idea of the intuitive mind-spirit connection to create vs. the more mechanical eye-mind -hand creating. I think I want to know more about his thoughts and ideas. I will be searching for and watching more of his videos. I hope this stuff interests and challenges you also.

BTW - I AM painting and creating but have been so busy and fragmented in everything that I haven't had time to post. I will be doing so very soon. I rented a studio in Escondido and am moving into it. Getting oriented with the mentoring program, and will be going to an NLP workshop next weekend. Not so sure how I feel about this - we will see and you will hear about it!

Thanks for hanging in here with me - I will be back on track soon.

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