Monday, April 06, 2009

New Painting - Untitled 6

Untitled 6
Joyful-Joyful Project
7" x 7"
Acrylic on paper

Here is another that I painted ahead. I really like this one too. Boy, am I glad I did paint ahead too. I seem to be having a hard time getting a grip and getting things done! I am very, very eager to get back in the studio - but I also have to get the garden - which I have completely neglected - built up, planted and growing again. We have been enjoying fresh from the garden salad but I never replanted and now we are all out. We are expanding our garden space too. Building raised bed frames and tucking them in where ever we can find a little sun - which is not a very easy task since we "live in a hole." I am putting my name on the waiting list for the few community gardens around here - but they are all a 2-3 year wait!

I don't even really want to bring up the web site - I am on the verge of hiring someone! I got all my photos together and then spent hours saving them for the web - or so I thought! I did something very wrong becasue now they are so blurry you can't even make out what some of them are! I will get it - it just takes so darn much time - even though I love learning - once again this seem s like an unreasonabley huge learning curve. This is truly a love/hate project - today the hate is winning!

Oh - and I wanted to share some San Diego spring time with you. Every year there is an expressway interchange that is unbelievably gorgeous! The ice plant is so brilliant it almost hurts your eyes. So enjoy - I will just post one of these each day this week I think.

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  1. Nathalie great picture which freeway is it ? missed you at the sketchcrawl

  2. This is at 5 and Cannon Rd - up near the Flower Fields and the outlet mall. Beautiful!

    I am losing hope on ever getting to attend a sketch crawl - I will have out of town guests for the next one - and probably be out of town for the one after that.

  3. Did you notice that the colors in your painting are somewhat like the colors in the photo? Not exactly, I know, but enough. :) Very pretty Natalie!

  4. LOL - I did NOT catch that Anne - but you are right! That actually makes me happy - it is joyful!