Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Painting

#8 in Joyful Project
8" x 5"
Acrylic on Paper

We had a really nice Easter, and hope you did too. It's good to get back to painting. I feel like I have been spinning my wheels - not getting anywhere and having trouble focusing. Working on the garden, and still working on my website. I started reorganizing all of my photos on my computer and got interrupted so many times that now I can't find where I filed half of them. Seems like I have taken steps backward instead of forward. Well, I have several paintings from today and some in progress. They are all small, but I put so much thought into them that they take almost as long as if I were painting large. Then I feel guilty for painting so small - even though I like painting small - I seem to think I should be painting large. Ugh - I am driving myself nuts! Then I look at them and think - what the heck? I am not sure if I like these or not - or if it is just this restless place I am in right now. The colors seem more garish than joyful...again. I think I will go sit in a chair and stare into space. I have been pretty good a that these past few days. Geesh, I just re-read my last few posts and I see I have been a real downer for a while now. Yuck, that has gotta change! Until tomorrow...another shot of San Diego springtime.

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