Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Almost caught up! more wedding pics-

Okay - first - before you do anything else - go watch and listen to this guy play guitar!!
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and now for the art and pictures---

Worried Man
Digital Tessellation

Blue Bird
Digital Mosaic Experiment

So I have spent the ENTIRE day in this stupid chair trying to figure these Painter assignments out. I thought I was doing great until I ran headlong into a virtual digital wall!! When I say all day - I mean all day! I sat down here around 5AM and it is now 6:15 PM. I did take a lunch break. I thought I would just get a little bit done before my oil painting class this morning, since I was up so early, and the next thing I knew it was almost 11 and I was still in my PJ's plugging away on this digital stuff. Class started at 10 AM - duh...and BUMMER! The good news is I am just about caught up - just one more assignment and I am there! YAY! I am not thrilled with either of these images - but after working my fanny flat in this chair - I wanted to at least post something.

Then I got an email from a friend who took pictures at the wedding - thank you VERY much - here are a few -

Pictures are wonderful - but they just don't capture everything - like all the crystal and rhinestones sparkling, and the incredible ambiance and atmosphere. It was wonderful and beautiful beyond words...

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