Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cute video clip and Mixed Media Collage

Watch this and SMILE!!

Isn't that great?

Yesterday I wrote this in yellow which I found out shows up on the blog but not in email so I will write it again - I added a "Follow This Blog" widget - over on the right, on the blog. So you can check it out and sign up if you want to.

And here is today's painting offering...

Hearts of 3
8" x 10"
Mixed Media Collage on Canvas

This is one of my older pieces, and I don't think I've shown it online before. I just got it back from a show at Brandon Gallery. This piece is another that is ...geesh, I don't know how to say this - it is a result of the death of a friend, but result isn't right - inspired by - that certainly isn't right - what are the right words? It is deeply meaningful and moving to me, and while I do have a price on it I am not sure I really would want to sell it. It comes from deep dark places in my heart.

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