Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cute Video Clip? and Changes are a comin'

Well - that was disappointing. I have no idea why the video clip didn't show up in the email on Thanksgiving. It's cute - you can actually go to my blog and see it . You can double click on the header words "Cute Video Clip? and Changes are a comin'" which should take you to my blog, or right click on them and open in a new window - or go to You Tube and see it here:

or maybe it will show up if I do this - one last try-

Now it has come to my attention that things are NOT working right. Several people have told me they tried to subscribe to my blog and weren't able to. I checked Feedburner and it says no one - zero - nada - zip people have subscribed. According to Feedburner I am all alone in cyberspace. So sad. Yet I know you are out there because I occasionally get responses and emails from you, but I can't get any response or help from Feedburner so I am looking for a new way to subscribe. PLEASE NOTE: - IF YOU SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG NOW PLEASE PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH "BLOG" IN THE SUBJECT LINE

I need to change things up and get them working right and I don't want to lose you :)

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  1. You've been tagged! I love your work, and it doesn't seem you've been tegged yet this round- hope you don't mind.... if you want to play along, I've got the rules up along with a link to you at :)