Friday, November 21, 2008

Digital Assignment and Tales from my Past

I just had to show you this - I am so happy with it. It is a digital painting done for my university Painter class. So FUN! I was inspired by some work by Jim Morphesis. I may make some prints available.

Those of you who know me - even well, may or may not be aware of my love for and fascination with bones. I used to collect them - much to my mother's, and my brother's frustration and despair. I am sure they secretly worried about me becoming some kind of serial killer or something. I was crushed and devastated when my bone collection "accidentally" got thrown out one day.

In high school I got a job in a grocery store that had it's own butcher. I got some incredibly awesome bones from them. I would go home and and soak them in lye until they were all clean and beautiful. Then I would draw them - like landscapes to me. I had a particularly prized and beautiful knee joint from a cow, complete with the knee cap. It was awesome. In college I took it to drawing class, as strangely enough I had a drawing teacher that also appreciated bones. She fell in love with my cow's knee and asked to borrow it for a while. That is the last I ever saw of it.

Later, again while in college, I roasted a turkey - and carefully preserved it's complete structure. It was beautiful and perfect and I looked forward to drawing all of it little ribs and the intricacies of it. I picked it clean (while I love bones - I hate meat and am repelled and disgusted by having to touch meat -ick - but I am not a vegetarian, I will eat meat, I just don't want to look at it or touch it) anyway, I put it up on the counter to lye treat later, and ran an errand. When I got home my dog had managed to get that turkey skeleton off of the counter and devoured most of it!

I got busy and discouraged, thinking I was not meant to be a collector and gave up my bone collecting for good. I've tried to collect other things. Crystal Christmas ornaments, but the kids pulled the tree over when they were little - onto a ceramic tile floor - and that was the end of that collection. Tried to get interested in stamps, coins, antiques. I had a blue cobalt glass collection once - but it disappeared somehow, lost in a move I suppose. The only other thing I have ever had success at collecting is paint chips from the paint store, I love them. My family thinks I am nuts.

But now.... now....maybe....just maybe I can return to my beginnings. I do have a deer skull with antlers, and a steer skull up on my walls, and a beautiful shofar - not bone technically, but horn - it still works for me...maybe I will start collecting bones again. We will see.

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