Monday, August 18, 2008

Daily Painting - Catching Up and Change

I know I already posted these paintings but I am doing it again - I am busy trying to catch up and reorganize and get back into m y "groove". For some reason I think that if I get caught up with my blog I will feel organized and have a sense of accomplishment and be able to get going again. Each of these 3 paintings are 12" w x 24"high. The first one is oil and the second 2 are acrylic. They were painted for a show which open this Saturday night Aug 23rd at Studio 2nd Street in Encinitas CA. The theme of the show is "Change" and our paintings are to somehow relate to or reflect our concept, definition or understanding of "Change." These are mine. Not only are each individual painting a representation of the idea of change - but the three of them together also represent the and illustrate the change that took place during my process of thinking planning and painting for this show. As I think I sadi before - there will be more paintings in this series.

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  1. These door knobs are stellar - I love them! Very interesting that there are three in a row.... Creative!