Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nathalie's Painting a Day Preview- Gorilla ACEO and Change 2

Here is probably the last ACEO that I will do for this eBAy contest. The theme is wild animals of course, and right now I am just not too much in the wild animal mood - actually I am just grumpy again from lack of sleep. The color on this gorilla isn't quite right - it is done on a tan card - so the white should really look more tan.
Mr.Gorilla will be available for bidding on Aug 15th - do an eBay search for ACEO YBA or for me - nathaliesdavis - and it should show up - enjoy all of the wild animal ACEOs too - I am sure there will be some pretty nice ones as there are some pretty talented artists in this group that do animals a lot.

...and here is Change 2 - the second in my doorknob/change series. It is acrylic on canvas and like this one too! I need to go try to get a nap - I just have not been sleeping for days and I am feeling pretty miserable. Oh well....
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