Monday, August 18, 2008

Nathalie S Davis Daily Painting a Day - Still Catching Up and some Pear Paintings

See? - I have been doing my daily paintings too...well, mostly, but not actually daily I guess. Each one of these are 6" x 6" and oil on either canvas panel or Masonite. I am catching up. I have not put these on eBay so if you are interested in purchasing them you will have to email me. I have not resolved the eBay vs gallery dilemma yet. I think eBay is so much fun - but I will have to significantly raise my prices if I continue with the galleries. Hmmmm.....there is an answer to this - I just have to find it. I will.

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  1. I am interested in the last pear picture - the one with the most green in it is how I describe it. I am looking for a larger of the same, like 30 x 30 ... Anything available?


  2. Karen - you didn't leave an email - I don't know to reach you. Do you mean the back lit pear with the shadow in front?