Monday, March 16, 2009

The Dog Stealer is Finished!

The Dog Stealer and The Traitor
48" x 60"
oil on canvas

Whew! I am finished, except for varnishing. I am so very grateful for digital cameras. I have such a hard time photographing these larger pieces, I would have spent a fortune in film if it weren't for digital. I carried this thing all over the house and out in the back yard - It is just hard to find a spot big enough with even lighting to get a good photo. This will have to do. Over all I am pretty happy with the painting. Glad it is finished. Now I want to really focus and immerse myself in the Joyful Joyful Project for a while.

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  1. Excellent painting I love it, some fantastic colours in there. I know what you mean about trying to photo a large painting, its so hard getting decent illumination on something that big.

  2. Wow- terrific work. Glad to see the finished work!

  3. Its a beautiful picture! Love it.