Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Steal this Photo and My New Blog

Steal this Photo! Really - go ahead and take it -

If you don't have clue what that is about visit my NEW blog I May Not Be A Genius, But...

Ok, Ok, I'll explain. This blog is about art, mostly my art. But on occasion I have a hard time not expressing my social and political thoughts and views. I lost a few people over my recent Obama comments. It is not my intention to offend or irritate people, so there is no point in subjecting people to my views and thoughts here when all people want to do is look at, and think about art.

There are a few artists whose work I like and enjoy, but I don't like to visit their blogs because of their anti-American or other political activism that drives me nuts, so I don't visit very often.

I don't want that to happen here. I know that a lot of you - well probably most of you -don't agree with or want to hear what I have to say unless it's about art, and I want to honor that.

Therefore - my new blog- for those of you that are interested.

Back to painting tomorrow - see you then.

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