Monday, March 30, 2009

Today's Painting

Untitled (Joyful Joyful Project)
8" x 10"
mixed media/acrylic on paper

Here is another in the Joyful Project. I guess I can stop saying that as that is pretty much all I am working on now. While I like this piece, and in general I mostly like the abstract work I have been making - it is still not anywhere near what I want it to be. I am trying to express a feeling - that is pretty personal, and when I look at these I do not see what I am trying to express. I will not be happy or feel successful until I get much closer. One of my biggest barriers is that I am not an emotional person. I am definitively a joyful person, just not emotionally expressive - so working on a painting project which is all about expressing a feeling is a difficult challenge. There seems to be a huge gap and disconnect between my head/intellect and my emotions. These painting are one thing in my head and when I start applying paint they become something entirely different. On one level that is OK - great in fact - but on another level it is very frustrating.

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