Thursday, March 05, 2009

Working on The Dog Stealer

I am having intermittent internet service issues and our phone is totally dead - so I making things as short and fast as I can before it cuts out again -

YAY! I painted almost all day today - most of the day without even one single headache. I chose to rework the face of the dog stealer and while I still see problems it has reached the "good enough" stage for now. As a sicko perfectionist I have been training myself to stop at "good enough". While it really rubs me the wrong way, I will paint the same thing for ever until I think I have it "perfect enough." So I am happier with it now than I was - the photo isn't great because I have to hold the camera above my head, and try to hold it still to take the picture - but it is good enough to get the idea.

I included the photo that I am working from so you can see the problems too - LOL!

After it is all dry I may glaze the whole middle and right side of the face to darken it - the value contrast just isn't there the way it should be...but I will also need to see it in context with the rest of the finished painting too - maybe I can live with it - we will see...

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  1. Don't you just love technology when all is well and then there's the other side of it...

    Your painting here is developing beautifully. There are so many things here that I really like. I love the little glimmer in your husband's eye, the highlight and curve of his hair, and the suggestion of a gentle smile. He has such a kind face for a "dog stealer". I am looking forward to seeing it as you work on it.

  2. You betcha Angela - I am a technology freak - when it works:) Thanks for your comments and compliments - what you said is cool because he IS kind and gentle. He can walk down the street and little kids and dogs gather and follow him. I can't really blame my little "traitor" dog for letting him steal her from me - they are inseparable...and he did NOT want a little dog! (We've always has bigger lab/Shepard mixes)