Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Underpainting Started

Oil on Canvas
20" x 24"

I am starting a new 'larger' painting - well larger for me. I have painted on a scale around 6" x 6" or 6" x 8" for quite a while now, so these canvases fall in the larger catagory for me. The huge catagory is 4' x 5' like The Dog Stealer was.
I have been having lots and lots of distractions lately, can't seem to focus more than 30 seconds or so, and running in circles. Now is not a good time to try something new but I am doing it. I am trying an abstract in oils instead of acrylic. Also I am doing it from a sketch I made on an airplane. I was listening to music and a line in the song was "May angels lead you in" - I think, I really don't remember - but that is what I wrote down on the sketch. I think I was listening to my ipod so I will have to go through all of my songs and try to track it down - or maybe I can Google it. Anyway, that is what I am thinking and trying - I can say this - it presents many more challenges doing it in oil over acrylics, which is already the hardest thing for me - abstracts that is. Stepping outside of my comfort range - again, (sigh). Geesh, I wish I wouldn't so this sometimes.

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