Thursday, October 08, 2009

Today's Photo

No painting today - busy making a new friend and running errands. This is something I've wanted to "show and tell" for a while - and it's another iphone photo. I am pretty much loving my iphone camera. It is quick and convenient and I kind of like the grainy look.

These are the most gorgeous beads made by my brother in law. He made them especially for me the last time I was in Toledo. I had purchased the bracelet and the silver beads - sort of a Pandora knock off. Before I bought glass beads to add I wanted to see if Tom could make me some and he sure did! I LOVE these beads more than anything I could buy - the colors are so bright and beautiful and unique. The beads on the necklace chain are the first batch he made to test the size of the holes and they  were too small for the bracelet chain - but they fit on this chain perfectly - I just need to go get some silver spacer beads now. I am a very lucky girl. I have a few other items he made that will probably be showing up here before long too. He just sent me some super pretty blue beads....I am so lucky.

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  1. Do I have the place for you! I will show you the bead store I know of. You will definitely find the silver beads you are looking for there. :D