Sunday, October 04, 2009

Thinking out loud - all about me - blah - blah - blah....

I love technology. I love my iPhone more than I can even describe. I love my laptop, desktop, Wii, Nintendo DS lite, ipod, digital camera, etc. But I don't KNOW technology. I waste hours and hours of my time fooling around with this stuff, trying to figure it out, how it works, trying to understand it, just playing. It is fun for me, but it is not really productive.

I love blogging - that is my favorite, but I also have Myspace, Facebook, Linkd In, and now - yes, I have a Twitter account. I love the idea of them - but again they take up so much time. They really aren't a very productive use of my time.

Last night I decide to stop wasting time. Okay, stop wasting so MUCH time. I decided it was time to say goodbye to MySpace. Really it mostly just sits there and makes me feel guilty for neglecting it -so it is time to just get rid of it. This won't free up much actual time  - but it will free up space in my head, I hope.

So I went to MySpace to start retriving photos and stuff that I may want to keep and found this photo:

I really like this picture. Like most people I hate photos of myself, but this is different. It's not a good photo, it is not in focus,  it was taken on a deep sea fishing trip -which was my daughter's Bachelorette Party.
I like the lighting and the word Voyage over my head contrasted with the "boxed in" elements of the doorway structures (I think the boats name was The something Voyager - I don't really remember). It seems very meaningful to me in ways I can't explain. I even like the ceiling light in the dim hallway.

So that brings me to the online class I am taking. Hang in there - I am going somewhere in all of this - really. I discovered and have followed Jessica Wesolek' s blog called Whatever...Whenever on and off for quite some time. I decided to sign up for an online workshop she offers called  Photographic Design 101 and make some Christmas gifts. This is a very good online class. Jessica has very good materials, explains things very clearly and I recommend her highly. But what I discovered is - I don't really have many photos to work with or that I really want to make anything with. No inspiration! So I signed up for Guerilla Photography which will start in a few days, and I am looking for ward to it a lot.  A new challenge!

In the meantime I am not happy with the inconsistency of my painting and blogging as of late. So - even I am getting bored with my blathering on here so I will end this quickly now

Love technology + found photo that inspires me + realized I don't have enough inspiring photos to make me happy + I am not happy with my blogging consistency = I will be trying to post a photo a day while wasting less time.

In this season of my life, while it is difficult to paint & post daily I am challenging my self to explore photography some more and can at least take one shot per day. So I will be adding photography in addition to  painting on blogging voyage.

See? there was a point after all - sort of.

Here is my photo for today - even though I didn't take it today. 

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