Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Finished Painting and iPhone Photo

Pink Wedding Flowers
20" x 24"
Oil on canvas

It is finished and I am pretty happy with it. I hope somebody else will be too. This is going to a silent auction for Christian Liberty Academy in Escondido, CA. They support homeschooling, which holds a huge part of my heart. The best time of my life was while homeschooling my girls, even though I was terrified almost all of the time.

Look at this little guy. This is my daughter's dog, Action. He is my grandson-dog and just about the best little guy ever. SO cute. He is an Australian Terrier mix.  I took these with my iphone, and was a little bit of a challenge. She didn't name him Action for nothing, this little boy is busy, busy, busy, and wants to PLAY - like all the time

We are babysitting the boy while my daughter and her husband are honeymooning in Italy.

And here are the (current) 3 Musketeers, and just like the real Musketeers there is a fourth, but she lives in Pasadena and couldn't make it for the photo-shoot. The gray mini-schnauzer is Lexus, she is mine and super sweet. The little black mini-schnauzer is Porsche, she is the traitor. She was mine but my husband stole her away, and she went.  I blame them both.

They make me smile everyday. I think dogs as pets is one of Gods best ideas ever.
You know...I don't think I have ever painted a dog portrait. Well except for Porsche being in Ricks arms (where she spends most of her time when he is home) in The Dog Stealer and the Traitor  painting. Hmmm, maybe it's time

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