Friday, December 15, 2006

Abrishami Hessam

This is an artist I just discovered - I have never seen his work in person - not yet anyway, and I don't really know too much about him. I do not like the roly-poly handling of the figures, or the romantic-love subject matter of a lot of the work I have seen so far. However - I do like the shapes, semi-abstract figures in an environment, the color - although it borders on being too pure and bright and "circus-like," for me - but for now I am attracted to his work. I sort of like the heads- well I like aspects of it - the faces are maybe a little too simplified for me. His work seems very commercial and I do think he does a lot in the print market. Here is a blurb I found: "HESSAM ABRISHAMI — "Dynamic composition, powerful expression and vibrant colors along with great imagination." A recent description of the paintings of Persian born artist Hessam Abrishami. He creates works of amazing depth and dimension that intrigue and disarm the viewer.

Hessam paints passionately, influenced by his dramatic life experience and the world is responding enthusiastically! Hessam has exhibited throughout Europe, Asia and North America. The French press has called his paintings "a statement in the fluidity of human figures . . . with tension between each figure, a kinship that provokes the viewer to seek reasons for such a relationship".

It is no wonder that his works have been described as "taking the onlooker to a realm of suggestion and mystical beauty . . . where everything is alive with a sense of everlasting fluid motion." In doing so, "Hessam is expanding his horizons and stimulating the mind as well as charming the eyes of the beholder."

Says Hessam, "I didn’t set out to use bright colors, they just came out. This is important, I don’t give any direction to my paintings. Any colors I use just come from my feelings.”

And another quote: "The viewer can see also the strong influence of Matisse in Hessam’s work by the emotional expression through the use of color and design and “is essential to his career” claims the artist. “I don’t choose my colors, they choose me” … “I set out to paint with feeling, an emotion, or theme of love or parting, or music, or loneliness”, he states Hessam’s works are greatly influenced by his dramatic life experiences and the warm acceptance he has received from the world at large.

Hessam’s desire and goal with any work is to paint from a “pure flow of energies” not from a preconceived consciousness, and his work demonstrates this repeatedly. The common theme that threads Hessam’s paintings is celebration in relating. His abstract figures grab the viewer with movement and color and always expressing relationships – the lovers, friends, family, music, food and drink. Hessam views the female figure as mysterious and identifies her with life, death, power, continuity of God, and above all art and music.

His use of musical instruments in his paintings is about emotional expression. “Music is about feeling, pure feelings without words ….. It’s about movement and flux, in other words, the dynamic of being and the way to truth.” Hessam says.

Hessam has exhibited his art in Europe, Asia, and North America, where his one-man shows have grown in popularity in the public eye. His talented works have been colorfully illustrated in various Ivy League University textbooks nationwide."

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