Friday, December 15, 2006

Ludmilla Perec

Yet another unknown - at least to me. Have you heard of her? I found her on the Internet and really liked what I saw.

I really do enjoy a nice still life now and then - I am not a huge fan of flowers but on occasion I see one that just calls to me - this is one of them. Her work reminds me of Gauguin - (I will have to look up that spelling - I can never get it right) - I think it is the colors and shapes. By now I bet you could have guessed that Gauguin is one of my favorite artists. The house I painted in McKinney was totally based on the colors in 2 of his paintings. I found a blr about the artist on ( I think - more work can be seen at too) Here is the quote: Ludmilla Perec was born in 1959 in Uzbekistan. Graduated from the State University of Latvia with a degree in theoretical astrophysics. She learned the professional drawing in the studios of artists V.Karkunov and A. Bykov. In 1993 Ludmila graduated from Riga Academy of Arts. Since 1988 she has exhibited her works together with the artists group "Free Art" as well as with other Latvian artists' associations. She has also worked as a teacher. Right now her art works can be found in private collections in USA, France, Italy, Germany, Norway as well as in collections of Norton Dodge, Zimmaly Museum and Jersey City.

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