Monday, December 04, 2006

An Observation on Round Things

I like to paint and draw round things. I think I always have. Crazy, huh? I used to love to draw the ball and socket joints of the bones that I would collect from the meat department in the grocery store I worked at… and pearls, I liked to draw pearls too. I wish I still had the Trompe l’Loile drawing I did in college in Dianna Attie’s class. It was done in pencil and was of pearls and a toothbrush. I got an A+ on that drawing. Yep – Dianna was pretty impressed with that drawing, but it was just because I really liked to draw round stuff. I love to draw and paint fruit, especially oranges and apples, don’t care much about bananas. They aren’t round. I like to eat them – just not draw them. Pears are good to do, they are fairly round. I particularly like to paint fruit “Susan Sarback” style, with the tip of my palette knife. I like using her color method and the process of adding and mixing the color on the canvas with the knife. I like the way it feels to paint with the tip of the knife – like playing in frosting.

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