Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mail Art

Today was the last class in experimental water-media with Clair-Lise Mathey Anderegg. It has been a wonderful experience being in this class. It is the second time I have taken it and both times I have really enjoyed it. I have met the nicest and friendliest group of women since moving to CA. So today we did a “show and tell” with our mail art and then had a discussion about our works in progress. First about the mail art: Several weeks ago we drew names in class, and we were to make a simple piece of art to be sent through the mail to the person whose name we drew. We were not supposed to sign it and today we would show what we got and guess who sent it. Other than Clair-Lise and myself, I don’t think any class members had ever done this before and it was therefore quite stressful for many of them. Some did not get their work in the mail in time – so ended up delivering them – more or less discreetly in class. That is how I got mine. I was a little disappointed to have not gotten it through the mail, but not a big deal. As of this writing Brittany has not received hers – although I mailed it on Monday and paid to have it delivered by Wednesday. I will be very upset if it is lost in the mail – I don’t see how it could be though. The works were diverse and interesting. It was a fun exercise, and it was interesting to hear how each person reacted to getting her mail/art. I felt peace and that I had received something very special and precious when I got mine. It was a big tropical leaf, folded, addressed, stamped and tied with raffia and a shell – but Trisha handed it to me. She was sure I would not like it or care about it because it was “beachy” and not what I would like, but it is “her”. I immediately loved it – even before I opened it! It conveyed a sense of peace and calm. I carefully unwrapped it to find a beautiful handmade envelope with a pearl button closure.

I unbuttoned it and pulled out a hand tooled and hand painted copper leaf embellished with beads and a shell. It is so cool – I love it. I wish I could preserve the leaf and everything forever – but the best I can do is hang the leaf on my wall, and I know right where it will go, and show you the pictures of it.

Then here are pictures of the envelope and art that I mailed to Brittany. It started out as a fashion illustration that I collaged and painted over. I ended up liking it quite a bit. I sure hope she does. Brit's email address id "dont bug Brit" and so I stamped the backside with bugs and those words, and gave it a few colorful washes - just for fun.

Envelope for Brit

Other side of envelope - both the front and back ended up addressed and stamped.

The art piece itself

Back of artwork with "Don't Bug Brit" and bugs

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