Friday, December 15, 2006

Bob Burridge

Here is one of my most favorite images ever! It's called "A Little Bird Told ME" I LOVE it!!! While I like the color it is not my favorite - but I LOVE birds - I wish I would have taken more photos of all of our pet birds in the past. I just love this - I love words and lettering in art, ever since I first saw and fell in love with Jim Dine's work, and Motherwell and some of those guys. I don't think the words are necessary on this piece, in fact I think I might like this one even better without the words - nevertheless I love this piece - I am excited to be taking some workshopes with Bob in 2007. You can go to Bob's website and see tons of his wonderful art - he conveys a sense of life and joy in his work that I aspire to.

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