Friday, December 15, 2006

My Plan and Linda Christensen

Here is my plan for the next few posts. I will be posting samples of art by some of my favorite artists. The goal is to look at them and figure out what is the common thread in them - I already know that I like big simple shapes, semi-abstract figurative work and just recently figured out that I like a figure in a space - preferable an atmospheric space of some find - that just flat surface shapes is not enough. I figured this out in the experimental water media class I was taking with Claire-Lise. A lot of that work is more about texture, pattern and the flat surface - I found myself always struggling and working to get a sense of depth and space - a subject in an environment. Color will be another common thread I am sure - but what else? - when you see a pattern or thread be sure to email me - help me figure this out.
Introducing: LINDA CHRISTENSEN Right now Linda Christensen is my most favorite artist. By the way - you can Google any of these artists to see more of their work - I am just putting a few samples up. Her work is very textural in person. I love her use of color, space, shape -everything - I love everything about her work.


  1. i agree with you. i'm so into linda christensen right now. i love her use of colors, simple shapes.

  2. Thanks for looking at my blog - Linda C. has a show in Laguna Beach up right now at Sue Greenwood gallery - who work is incredible in person!