Monday, July 14, 2008

#25 Orange Pepper and I am TIRED!!

# 25 Orange Pepper - New Daily Oil Painting a Day
Oil on canvas mounted on Masonite
6” x 6”
(approx. 15.24 x 15.24 cm

I actually did this little painting in the Carol Marine workshop at the Andreeva Portrait Academy in Santa Fe a few weeks back - or is it a few months back now. I don't know, time goes so fast. This painting is varnished so it has a little shine to it, making it difficult to photograph well. It looks pretty good on my monitor - but would look so much better in your house!

I got this posted on my other business-only-non-chatty-blog and then cyber-world decided not to cooperate any more. My photos wouldn't upload and I am too exhausted to fuss with it tonight so I just cut and pasted this from my "business only" blog - thus the explanation for the weirdness of this post. I don't know - maybe it doesn't seem weird to you - it is to me. Maybe repetitious would be a better word. I didn't sleep well last night so now I find myself grumpy and tired and well - grumpy. Painting hasn't gone so well - I have TONS and TONS of domestic BORING chores that have to be attended to getting in my way - holding me down - preventing me from working - adding to my grumpiness. I wanted to upload my latest Photoshop project - because I am proud of it - but I guess that'll have to wait till tomorrow - maybe cyber-world will cooperate with me then - or at least I won't be so tired and grumpy that I can't deal with it. I am going to bed now - good night.

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