Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cut and Paste, ACEO and AC

There's a lot of initials floating around these days - gets on my nerves. Except when it comes to typing. I am not a great typist and I welcome any opportunity to shortcut it when ever I can. So the cut and paste part is today blog entry - pretty much cut and pasted right outta my non-chatty business blog ...again. (I say pretty much - becasue I did add a little to it) Sorry. We had AC installed today (quite a few interruptions)- but made my working on my ACEO's much more pleasant by the end of the day - I have several more to make - finish - in order to make the contest deadline. So here are two ACEO's done while the AC was being installed and cut and pasted from my other blog. Back to work for me....

Good Dog 1/2
Good Dog 2/2

Good Dog - New Daily Painting a Day

Hand Colored Digital Print
Acrylic on acid free card stock
ACEO 2.5" x 3.5"
(approx 64 x 89 mm)

This is an original drawing, print and painting signed by me (on the back).
This is a series of two. I drew the dog (from a photo I took), scanned and printed it on acid free card stock, painted it with transparent liquid acrylics, then varnished. I thought the card stock seemed flimsy so I collaged (fancy talk for glued) it onto another piece, so it is double thick, and has the weight and feel more like a playing card.

This ACEO was inspired by two things. First, I took some photographs over the Fourth Of July at Lake Arrowhead. There was a couple in the shopping village walking 4 of the nicest, most beautiful and well behaved Labradors. Each one was a different color. Of course I had to take some pictures, and that is what inspired me to do this series of dog ACEO's. Secondly, it just happens to fit this months theme for the ACEO YBA contest. Also, these ACEO's also provide a method for me to plan and prepare for larger gallery paintings based on them, sort of like a sketchbook.


There is a monthly contest starting on the 15th of each month. The winner is the artist whose ACEO gets the most unique bidders. That means the most individual bidders, so a card with two people in a bidding war with a total of 50 votes would be beaten by the card with three bidders with a total of three bids. It's sort of like one vote (bid) per person (bidder). Anyway I thought it would be fun to join in and play.

2008 Years Best ACEO Awards


This group was founded by ACEO artists and collectors, to create a brand new ACEO awards program/art contest, which began on September 15th, 2008.

The ACEO YBA will:

1 - Recognize and promote our fellow ACEO artists, in a wide variety of ACEO-specific categories... that may not be found in other awards programs.

2 - Increase awareness of the ACEO movement on eBay... thus encouraging new artists and collectors to come and enjoy creating, selling and collecting ACEOs.

3 - Give something back to the wonderful ACEO community of artists and collectors, that we enjoy being a part of on eBay.

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