Friday, July 25, 2008

#32 Yellow Pear on Red ACEO Daily Painting a Day from Nathalie S Davis

#32 Yellow Pear on Red - ACEO
Oil on Masonite
Just got back from a great dinner at one of the best Italian restaurants in Carlsbad - we had 16 of us there, only missing 2 I think - of those out here in CA right now. Annette and the 2 boys fly out tomorrow and we get Mom and Dad all to ourselves for a couple of days.
I don't know what this painting looks like on your screen but this is screaming red on mine right now - way too bright! I will reshoot it tomorrow and see if I can't get it to look better. I got all finished with it and while I was hurrying around trying to get cleaned up to go out to dinner, I knock this painting and my tea and a bunch of other stuff off the table. Of course the painting landed face down! Fortunately I had it tape to another board and that board had just enough other stuff stock to it to leave space so the little painting didn't really touch the floor! Just had to fix a couple of little marks. Whew! I am off to visit with Mom & Dad now- then to bed.

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