Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hybrid Water Cars and Todays Green Pear

I spent - probably wasted - most of my morning reading about and researching kits, systems and information on how to convert your car to a water hybrid. The car doesn't really run on water, but it removes the hydrogen from the H2O and burns that with the fuel, increasing the fuel efficiency of your car. That is a very simplistic explanation, but that is the basic idea. For some reason this fascinates me, (big surprise - practically EVERYTHING fascinates me). I think I read something about this back in the late 60's - when Mother Earth News first came out. Anyway - I really wish my brother were near by. He'd help me build it - he knows everything about cars and fixing them up. In high school he took the automatic transmission out of his perfectly good car and turned it into a manual transmission - just because that was cooler and more fun - and because he could do it. Any way I spent the morning reading about science that I don't quite understand and about engines that I really don't quite get either -and I really am not a car buff, but I think it would be really fun to make one of these converters and try it out. Darn it - everything interests me - there just is not enough time to do everything. That and I like building things and making things and trying things and - well you get the picture. Not enough time.

So todays "Daily Painting A Day" came together like a dream - which was a good thing. I put the spot light really close to the pear and it was cooking it causing it to change colors very quickly - so I had to paint fast. I painted this one on a metallic gold background, and the gold peeks through here and there. I really like this one a lot. So here's where you can find it if you like it too - it's on eBay

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