Wednesday, July 23, 2008

#31 Rain Man - New Daily Oil Painting a Day and Photoshop Class

Finally! - I didn't get this posted last night because I couldn't upload the pictures - YAY! it's working! So here is last nights post today.

#31 Rain Man - Quick Sketch Portrait
Oil on canvas
6" x 8"

(approx. 15.24 x 20.32 cm.)

Available Here

I just love having fun and for the past few days I've been having me some. I did these quick sketch portraits which was a blast. I had really goofy colors with me in class, I don't know how that happened - but I did not have any of my normal dependable trustworthy colors - so I just played and winged it. SO much fun, I think I laughed out loud a few times. It feels so good to get back to painting - that sort of amazes me, I mean that I've been missing it so much. I am having a good time with Rick's family and stuff too. It's been very relaxing going up to the lake. Now Rick has taken all of next week off! That'll be great - I hope to get up to Laguna Beach and look at galleries - during the week - on weekends during the summer you absolutely cannot move it's so crowded.
Also I've been having a BLAST with my Photoshop class that I am taking through the community college - but all on line. I wasn't sure how I would like that but I LOVE it and can't wait to sign up for the next one. Here is an example of what I've been doing. This assignment was to make a CD cover front and back, including the little folding flaps on the back. CD's and bands aren't really my thing - so I decided to make a cover for a photo CD or DVD for the family vacations. We had to try different filters and layering and stuff - I LOVED making this - I LOVE Photoshop! Anyway it's my daughters and nieces messing around at the lake and the gun is Eric's influence - being a Captain (as of Aug 1st) in the Marines, an artillery guy and competitive shooter - the girls all found out that they enjoy target practice too. With the theme being MESSY - what could be messier than shooting someone - twisted I know, but I had to come up with something and I was running out of time. I watch WAY too much CSI - Cops - Forensic Files - Bones - NCIS - Criminal Minds - all my favorites - well, after So You Think You Can Dance - which is my most all time best favoritest TV show EVER!!! These projects are posted to a discussion board - and I am finding that my virtual classmates aren't too fond of this cover of mine. I don't care - I love it and I loved doing it. What do you think?

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