Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Yep - that is what I am. Determined to get back on track creating daily. So I didn't get to paint today but - I did make my first ever banner - for my Etsy Shop. I am not crazy about it but it is OK for now. I also assembled a bookshelf for my painting studio and started reorganizing a little bit, worked on my Etsy shop and some behind the scenes stuff on my web site, and a bunch of other piddly annoying little tasks, as well as fighting a headache. So while I didn't paint - I was certainly working...

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  1. I like your abstract piece you did. Why don't you join the challenge of different strokes from different folks blog. This one is easy ! It will get you going........

  2. Thanks Dominique - I hope to get back to DSFDF - I really enjoy that challenge. I haven't checked it out in a while - thanks for the reminder. May be exactly what I need, other than a personal assistant and a manager! LOL!