Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another busy day...

Yesterday was ca-razy! I started out experimenting with some old greeting card blanks and collage material. I ended up making a birthday card for my friend Ron, and I think I will try to make a bunch for our art show in November. I called my mom, went to the Doctor for a follow-up visit, came home and finished the card, then raced off to painting class. I did a nice little painting that I was pretty happy with - a rare occurrence - and on the way home my box of supplies fell over right onto the wet painting! It wasn't enough to just fall on it - it has to slide and scrape it! I am bummed - fortunately I have a photo of the still life set up, and some of the paint still on my palette, so this afternoon I will try to do some repairs, see if I can save it.
I did not sleep well last night - thinking about painting and what I am doing with my life. I really feel like I am "not good enough" and maybe I don't "love art as much as I should" - what ever that means. I don't have a passion, or style and I am all over the place with media and subject matter. While I am really enjoying this "mask" series I am working in - I don't feel it is going anywhere, and I fear I will get done with it and still not have any ideas or direction. Enough for now - I have to go get ready for this morning's portrait session.
Later I will post photos of the painting accident.
For now here is a picture of the still life set up.

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