Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jasmine - painted Tuesday 9-19-06

This portrait is from today's class. I feel pretty good about it. I learned a little bit about paying attention to lighting. The model's spot light fell across my palette, so half of my paint was brightly lit and the other half was in shadow. I really didn't think about it or actually even notice it at first, but it became a real problem. As I worked, the contrast between the lit and shadow parts seemed almost to become exagerated and it became increasingly difficult to see any color at all. The brightly lit paint started to look washed out to me and the paint in the shadow side just looked like all greys. In the last 40 minutes Vanessa put a light out for me and I was very pleasantly surprised at how acceptable the colors were. Two other things I am happy about. 1) I started with big blocks of color, and 2) I recognized that my drawing had become really off, and sort of late in the painting re-drew and corrected it. I am pleased I saw the drawing problem and that I was not at all "afraid" or intimidated to "mess up" my painting by making some major corrections. What I did not make me happy: still stingy with paint, not bold enough, not painting fast enough, no forethought about the "statement" or message I wanted to go for - no "vision".

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